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Businesses please take note:


Harrington Lights sells merchandise.  Before you send a request for W-9, please read the instructions for Form 1099-MISC, particularly all after "Exceptions."  If you think you still need a W-9, continue reading.

Harrington Lights will not issue a W-9 to you.  We will make every effort we possibly can to avoid selling and shipping any product(s) to your business that will reach the threshold for the popularly believed required reporting by Form 1099 for any 12-month period.  If any error occurs and you need to report purchases from us, we will require you to return the product(s) at your expense and subject to a 25% restocking charge, plus any other charges consistent with our published returns policy.    If you think that you need a W-9 from us simply by virtue of your company having made a purchase or planning to do so, change your mind.  No W-9 will be furnished.

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