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a small lighting distributor in southwest New Hampshire, USA.  Our website is our primary source of sales and our other sales activities are limited so that we may better manage our online business.

HARRINGTON LIGHTS was started in September 1999, by me,  James Harrington,  and my wife.  

I have experience in a broad range of endeavors, but probably most importantly in photography.  I have a good sense of where to put the light(s) and I am able to make educated recommendations of specific light sources.  I have been dealing specifically with lighting since 1996.

This page was edited on August 14, 2008; and early in the presidential election campaign.  It seems appropriate for me to point out that Harrington Lights is a do-it-yourself job program.  It took about 30 years after returning from military service for me to find something that I could do on a daily basis.  "Do-it-yourself" is an American tradition and it has been conducted typically without regard to how long it takes.  While it is important for government to provide an atmosphere that is friendly toward businesses and that encourages businesses to expand, it is the role of business, not government, to create jobs.  In my case, it was the role of the individual to create a suitable job.  Included in the government's role of creating the friendly atmosphere for business is the primary issue of national security.  All of our jobs, our freedoms, our "rights" are extended to us and maintained by force of arms.  Speaking of the armed forces, it is appropriate in this election to address the role of the President as Commander-In-Chief.  The President is a civilian and it is important that there is civilian control of the military.  Simply by virtue of being President, an individual is neither a tactician nor a military strategist.  The President sets policy and goals; and the military carries them out.  It requires wisdom and maturity, plus a strong sense of personal balance for a President to realize the skills of our military leaders and to entrust a mission to our professionals.  Our military (and our country) should not be dishonored by policy or interference that denies victory to US forces.  In the hierarchy of what issues are important in the coming election, we should make certain that national security is not merely first, but that it is raised above the arena of debate.  Given security, we need not follow the mindless as they promote yet another program; and we Americans can "do-it-ourselves."

This page was revised four years ago because a "professional" site designer criticized our original page (which he called our "home" page) because of the date of writing, as if "About Us" ought to have the newest pictures of the kids and the dog, I suppose.  I thought that the home page bore the URL of the domain only, but then I'm not a "professional."     

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