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HARRINGTON LIGHTS guarantees your purchase will arrive in good condition.  Other restrictions, charges, etc., that are explained elsewhere on this page are intended to preserve our low pricing for all our customers and to encourage our customers to contact us for answers, assistance, and advice before an order is placed if there is any doubt about the product or the suitability of it.

IF there is damage:

  • Open the package in the presence of the carrier if possible.  Note specific damage.  Contact us by email, using one of the links at the top or bottom of our web pages.  Retain all of the packaging until we have determined what we need to do.    If the damage is discovered after delivery, contact us.   Email is the best way to contact us and it is our preferred method.  It is of the utmost importance that you notify us immediately.

IF there is some other problem with your order:

  • Contact us and let us know what the nature of the problem is. 


IF there is a need to return a product:

  • A Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) 
    required.  Contact us.

  • Obtaining an RGA is merely a procedure.  You will receive an RGA simply by asking for one.**
    (**Please note that not all items are eligible for return.  See "Items not eligible for return" below.)

  • Packages arriving at Harrington Lights without an expected RGA clearly marked on the outside of the package will be refused,
    so get an RGA first.

  • Why is an RGA required?  

    • Some problems may be remedied faster and cheaper for you if you contact us first.  Not all problems require returning goods.
    • It is our policy.  Packages arriving unannounced are a problem for several reasons.  Please help us serve your interests.  Get an RGA first!

    We recommend that the following be read in its entirety:

Merchandise returned in like-new condition will be processed as noted below.  Shipping charges are not credited or refunded unless there is a shipping error (for instance, if the wrong item is shipped instead of the item ordered) or some other error that is clearly our error.  This may not be extended to include any misinterpretation of the descriptions or of other representations of products on our website or in our store, nor to any typographical errors, nor to any  inclusion of data that is furnished to us by vendors, manufacturers or other sources reasonably considered  to be authoritative.  

  • Items that have been opened, but otherwise are in first class condition and in their original packaging, will be allowed purchase price less 10%.  In cases in which evaluation of one item of two or more identical items was not made before the other like item(s) was/were opened,  a 25% charge will be imposed on the opened item(s) in excess of the first like item.

  • Items with any part(s) missing or with any damage will be reduced in value in a manner proportionate to the damage and/or the estimated salability of the item.  Included in this category are returnable light bulbs with excessive damage to packaging. The minimum charge for items in this category is 25% of the purchase price.  If the proposed credit or refund is not acceptable to you, our customer, the item may be returned to you at your discretion and at the your expense .  Shipping is at current shipping rates and by our standard methods.  There is no service or handling charge in an instance such as this.

  • Orders that are simply returned without any associated order will incur a 25% charge for re-stocking; and if the actual cost of shipping exceeded what we charged, the difference will be recaptured after the restocking charge is applied. 

  • Items arriving in excess of 10 days after an RGA is issued will be appropriately credited under applicable policies, less an additional administrative surcharge of 10% (minimum $2.00) of their gross purchase price. 

Items Not Eligible For Return***:

  • Halogen Bulbs:  If you are uncertain which bulb will best suit your application, contact us for a recommendation.  We sometimes make special arrangements for shipping subsequent orders if you wish to obtain several similar bulbs for evaluation first.  We have provided additional help in selecting certain halogen bulbs here.

  • Items purchased in excess of 25 days prior to requesting an RGA.  We make exceptions on occasion if it seems appropriate to us, so please contact us.  The primary purpose of this policy is to maintain control of stock levels.

  • Items purchased from our RUMMAGE SALE page.

  • Special Order items.  

  • Ballasts, transformers and switches.

  • Halogen bipin sockets with any evidence of having been used in any way.

We strongly recommend that a small quantity of any product be purchased first if there is a need to determine suitability in any given application.  Items in excess of a few pieces may not be returned because of suitability issues.

Please note our shipping policy for other restrictions.


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