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 Harrington Lights logo Harrington Lights offers

   light bulbs picture of light bulb with link to light bulb index,    ballasts picture of ballasts with link to ballast index   repair parts picture of halogen bi-pin socket with link to lighting repair parts index




We are currently accepting orders by telephone only.

We are in New Hampshire, where there is no sales tax.  We sell and ship to anyone in NH.

Businesses and individuals outside New Hampshire and where there is sales/use tax must show evidence

that they hold a valid resale certificate from their jurisdiction before we will sell or ship to them.

We ship to US addresses only.


We tend to be available from about 10 AM to 2 PM Eastern Time on week days only. 

We DO NOT RETURN phone calls.

We DO RESPOND to email.  Click on an email link at the top or bottom of the page.


To get started, you may use the navigation bars in the borders, any of the hyperlinks, or just click here.  

Select halogen for the halogen index.

picture of bipin halogen with link to JC-type halogen page Low Voltage Bi-pin Halogen    Low Voltage MR16       mr16-120.jpg (10482 bytes)   Line Voltage MR16


  Line Voltage Bi-pin Halogen picture of JCD line voltage bipin halogen with link to JCD web page                   picture of 10W MR11 with link to low wattage MR11 web page Low Wattage MR11 and MR16

Choose incandescent for the incandescent index;
and click this link for the fluorescent index.

Some of the Latest:                                                                                                  
  GU-24 SOCKETS & BULBS  e12 to gu24 adapter

Some specialty and decorative items are listed as:

KX2000 picture of KX2000 candelabra base E12, clear, with link to KX2000 web page   Genuine Bulbrite Lamps

If you're looking for "natural light" or incandescent lamps you've heard described as "daylight" or "full spectrum":  try one of the links to neodymium

You may also click the shape of the type of bulb you want in order to go to the general area of our website:

picture of A19 "A" shape lamp with link to page for soft white bulbs   A-Lamps         Reflector Flood  picture of BR30 reflector flood with link to page for reflector floods   PAR Lamps picture of halogen PAR lamp - PAR30 Long Neck, with link to page for halogen PAR lamps     picture of decorative bulb - Starlight lamp, with link to page for decorative bulbs Decorative Lamps

        picture of flame tip chandelier bulb, frost, with link to page for flame tip chandelier lamps Flame Tip           Torpedo picture of torpedo chandelier bulb , frost, with link to page for torpedo chandelier lamps           Globespicture of KR500 G16 globe light bulbs with link to index page for globe lamps      
  picture of T4 wedge base xenon bulb with link to xenon light bulb page Wedge Base Xenon   Bi-pin Base Xenon picture of bipin xenon lamp with link to bipin xenon bulb page   Festoon Lamps picture of xenon clear festoon lamp with link to xenon festoon bulb page 
                                                                                                                                     picture of xenon rigid loop bulb with link to xenon festoon bulb page

picture light replacement bulbs

Contact us for help finding  specific bulbs or other items.
You may contact us through an email link at the top or bottom of a page.


We do not offer quantity pricing.


 We stock repair parts

Thanks for stopping by!

  Can't find it?  Questions?   CONTACT US !!

Contact Information:  

harringtonlights HARRINGTONLIGHTS harringtonlights 
Chesterfield, NH: 603-363-8300
Please note:   We tend to be available most often by telephone from about 10 AM to 2 PM Eastern, M-W, but the best and fastest way to get a response is to contact us by email using one of the links on this site.
 Click on the link.  Simply copying what you see on the page will not work.
 Facsimile  by permission; and email is preferred.
A word about our location:
Virtually all of the search engines list our physical address in such a way that it implies that there is a retail store to which customers may travel.  We operate through our website only.  There is no retail store with a physical, commercial location.
None of the search engines has provided any means that we know of to correct their listing, so we no longer list our residential address.
Electronic mail
   Information, Sales & Service: service@harringtonlights.com
   Webmaster:                           webmaster@harringtonlights.com

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